Many of Hutchies 1300+ staff have had a lot of experience in the world of construction through a trade, on the job experience or through a construction related university qualification.

But what if you wanted to get into that world but your work experiences to date were in other lines of work such as admin?

The Hutchies Workforce Development Team has now come up with the answer. It has developed an Introduction to Construction course specially designed for those who want to have a career change but may have had little experience in the world of commercial building and construction. The course is currently being trialed with a number of Hutchies HQ staff such as Ali Wilson pictured below who currently works in Hutchies reception but ultimately wants to become a Contract Administrator.

The course is a three stage program with a combination of theoretical, on-line and practical site based activities that are designed to give participants like Ali knowledge and skills all the way from terminology to practical hands-on experience with basic tools and exposure to a variety of building projects.  Ali is shown here doing her Hutch Safe Induction online in preparation for a site visit with her trainer Warren Belford who is giving the participants the benefits of his 30+ years as a carpenter, builder and trainer.

If you know of someone who would like to participate in this course, contact Michelle Buckland at or give her a call on 0447 758566.